Stellar Webinar

How to Stream & Ticket Your Show on Stellar

Jesse Spears, Director of Marketing of Stellar and Wendi Lebow, Chief Venue Officer of Goldstar
Webinar_ How to Stream-Ticket Your Show on Stellar


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WEBINAR: How to Stream & Ticket Your Show on Stellar

We built Stellar — a Total Show Management (TSM) system for online events. It’s built to help live entertainment and arts organizations incorporate online events as a major new part of their business. 

Join Stellar’s Director of Product Marketing, Jesse Spears, and Goldstar’s Chief Venue Officer, Wendi Lebow, to demonstrate how you can use Stellar to generate revenue from online events by drawing in larger audiences from all over the world. 

You’ll see why Stellar is the first-ever Total Show Management (TSM) system and learn:

  • How to list an event for sale
  • How to stream a live event
  • How to promote an event using Stellar’s resources

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