How to Stream With Only Zoom on Stellar

Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular virtual meeting and webinar tools for both business and personal use. Though it’s not designed for producing top-notch performances, it is a useful tool for broadcasting from multiple locations. If you’ve got a show that involves individual speakers or performers broadcasting from separate locations, a Zoom stream could work for you. Here’s how to only use Zoom to broadcast on Stellar.

To connect Zoom and Stellar, you’ll need your Zoom account type: Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise.

The Prerequisites:

You’ll need a license with this Host version: Zoom Client version 4.0.29183.0407 or higher on PC

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the following steps:

  1. Set up your event on Stellar
  2. Create your stream in Stellar
  3. Configure Zoom to allow custom live streaming
  4. Start streaming on Zoom
  5. Start streaming on Stellar
  6. End the stream

Set Up Your Event

To get started, create your Organization account on Stellar, if you haven’t already done so.

Once the organization is set up, create an event, add a performance date and time, add some tickets, then publish your event. When you’re done, go to the Stellar Stream Studio from the left sidebar menu.

Create Your Stream

In the Stream Studio, choose the date and time of your event’s first performance, then click Build my Channel. This may take a few minutes. Once the stream is built, go to Zoom.

Keep the Stream Studio open in a separate tab or window so you can grab the Stream URL and Stream Key when you need them.

Configure Zoom

Sign in to the Zoom web portal [] and go to Account Management > Account Settings. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the toggle next to Allow live streaming the meetings, then check the box next to Custom Live Streaming Service.

Add the Stream URL & Stream Key

After you enable the custom live streaming service in the Web portal, open the Zoom app and click More in the toolbar. Then click Live on Custom Live Streaming Service, which will open up a new browser window (see the image below). 

Enter the  RTMP URL from Stellar into the Streaming URL box and the Stream Key from Stellar into the Streaming key. Paste into the Live streaming page URL box. Click Go Live! when you’re ready to start streaming on Zoom.

Stream on Stellar

Once your Zoom is live, in the Stellar Stream Studio, toggle the Start Channel button. Toggle Preview Stream to verify your Zoom stream is working properly. When you’re ready to go live on Stellar, click the red button in the top right: Start Event.

You are now streaming on Stellar! If you purchase a ticket and enter the Live Stream Lobby, you can see your Zoom stream from the audience point of view.

End the Stream

When the performance is complete, click End Event in the top right corner. Your stream is now over on Stellar. Don’t forget to go back to Zoom and click End in the bottom right corner of the screen to end that session too.

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