How to use Streamyard with Stellar

A video production tool is required for streaming to Stellar. We suggest using a free tool called Open Broadcast Software (OBS -, however, there are quite a few encoder software tools that offer readily built, user friendly features some event producers may find easier to work with, including: StreamLabs, Vmix, Boxcast, and StreamYard.

In this article, we’ll cover how to use Stellar with Streamyard.

StreamYard is a live video production tool that works in your internet browser, no need to download software. You also technically can only use a computer, a mic, and a camera.

Follow these steps to connect your StreamYard stream to Stellar for broadcast:

Starting in Stellar

  1. Once logged into, create a performance (show date) for your event with ticket inventory and at least one price point 
  2. Go to the Stream Studio and choose your performance. Choose the region you will be broadcasting from and wait for your stream channel to be created (about 15 minutes)
  3. After the channel is built in Stellar, a RMPT Server and a Stream Key will populate. Head over to

In StreamYard

  1. “Create a Broadcast”
  2. For “Broadcast To” Select “RTMP Server” 
  3. Obtain the “RTMP server URL” and “Stream Key” from your channel in Stellar’s stream studio
  4. Add a Nickname for your broadcast in StreamYard
  5. Check your camera and mic
  6. Add a Display Name that will show during your broadcast
  7. Once in the broadcast on SteamYard, you can utilize all their features. Head back to

In Stellar

  1. Toggle on “Start Channel
  2. Toggle “Preview” to see a live preview of your StreamYard stream
  3. When you’re ready to stream on Stellar, click “Start Stream” in the top-right
  4. Your stream is now live on Stellar
  5. When your stream is over, click the button “End Stream” in the top-right

If you have any questions about the process you can always reach out to us at Stellar by emailing us at or chatting with us on

Happy streaming!

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