How to get started with streaming online live events

You know how to produce a great live show, but putting it online might be new territory for you. Bringing an idea to life is the hardest part, and you’ve already done it. With just a few extra steps and some expert help, you can stream your show online and grow your audience.

1. Turn your great live show into a great online show

Viewers of streaming shows want the same type of experience as in-person audiences. They want captivating stories, appealing visuals, and professional production values. Sofa sing-alongs and Zoom readings worked in a pinch, but now viewers want more for their money. At the same time, what works on stage doesn’t always have the same impact in an online stream. You’ll need to scale the staging to fit within a camera frame and leave room in the budget for high-quality camera operators and sound engineers. If you’d like help connecting with camera and sound crews with streaming experience, just reach out to us at

2. Get familiar with streaming software/hardware (encoders)

Using an encoder to stream is the best way to manage an advanced production with high-quality sound and camerawork. An encoder converts your show into a digital format to stream on the platform of your choice. Some encoders are software, while others are standalone hardware. There are the most commonly used encoders:

Free Software Encoders:

Paid Software Encoders:

Hardware Encoders:

You don’t have to learn how to use an encoder yourself. There are professional video producers with experience in live streaming that do that work for you. Make sure to get them involved in the early stages of production planning so you can get their input on your staging, video and sound mixing plans.

Once your production is ready to stream, connect it to one or more streaming platforms, like Stellar. We can deliver streaming quality that maintains the high production value you put into your shows.

3. Find the right price point for your tickets and market intelligently

Great live shows that provide a high-quality online viewing experience are valuable, so make sure you price accordingly. Fans of live entertainment are willing to pay for top-tier entertainment, even when they’re not “going out.” When taking your event online, there may be new sources of marketing and distribution available to you that can increase your reach while maintaining your brand identity. Besides connecting your stream, Stellar can also help with ticketing and connect you to the network of marketing and distribution partners we have cultivated.

Making the leap to live streaming requires some advance planning and setup, but the potential financial benefits and audience growth opportunities are high. Most of the in-person event skills you already have still apply, so all it takes is a little technical knowledge (or hiring someone who can take care of that) and you’ll be expanding the reach of your creative endeavors in ways that will pay off for years to come.

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