COVID-19 Safety Recommendations for Live Events

No industry has been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than the live entertainment industry. As other businesses begin to reopen, live performance spaces are struggling to develop plans to keep artists, staff and crew members safe and give patrons the confidence to return to live venues.

There’s no sure-fire, simple way to guarantee total safety, but recent survey data shows:

  • Frequent eventgoers are 20-30% more comfortable going to live events when these “Big 3” policies are in place:
    1. Everyone must wear face coverings
    2. Everyone must remain at least 6 feet apart
    3. Cleaning policies must be communicated clearly and visibly carried out
  • Frequent eventgoers are up to 50% more comfortable going to outdoor events or events in larger, open indoor spaces (like aquariums or museums) where it’s easy to keep a comfortable distance from others.
  • It also helps to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crowding, like intermissions, concession stands and long bathroom lines. People want to feel safe throughout the entire experience. Providing separated seating by itself is not enough.

If you can take all of these steps, and if local guidelines and regulations allow it, you’ll be in great shape to reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of COVID-19 for your staff and your guests. Make sure to check with your state health authority for all the regulations and requirements for reopening.

Broadcasting an event online is 100% safe from spreading COVID-19. Online live events also have the advantage of expanding your reach beyond the seating capacity of your venue and around the whole world! You can broadcast an in-person event online to offset reduced seating capacity, or broadcast exclusively online if reopening safely isn’t possible. Either way, livestreaming is a powerful and valuable addition to your capabilities.

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