COVID-19 Safety Recommendations for Producing Online Live Events

Online live events have less to worry about than live events when it comes to COVID-19, but there are still important precautions you need to take. The health of your staff, artists and crew is priority number one.

1. Require biweekly testing

Tests for COVID-19 are now widely available and should be free for you and your production. If this isn’t the case in your area, contact your representatives and local government. If the cost is reasonable, foot the bill for your employees or look into health plans that would cover the cost. At the moment, there’s no better approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19 than regular testing and isolating potential hot spots. One case can quickly put your whole organization out of commission if not identified and isolated right away.

2. Regularly clean your venue and any facilities you use. Make sanitizing resources available to anyone who uses the space

Whether you’re producing events in your own venue or a rental, you have a responsibility to ensure that the space is clean before and after you use it. Hand sanitizer and other cleaning products should be available to members of the cast and crew while you’re on site.

3. Stage your production to keep everyone at a distance

If your cast and crew are getting tested regularly and are diligent about sanitizing, it should be safe for them to share the performance space. For the comfort of your cast and to maintain the highest level of safety, you may want to also incorporate distant staging. If you can do it while maintaining production quality, stage the entire production so that every member of the cast and crew maintains at least six feet of separation. Take advantage of the broadcast medium to get creative with camera angles and close-ups.

Apart from these recommendations, be sure to follow all city and state guidelines that apply to your business. To find out your local guidelines, visit your state health authority website.

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