How to Add Video On Demand to an Event

Whether your ticket buyer purchased a Livestream ticket and couldn’t join the live broadcast, or the ticket buyer wants to rewatch the performance multiple times, a Video On Demand (VOD) is a great addition to your ticket’s value. 

The VOD can be accessed on the customer’s ticket page during a time frame you choose when setting up the Video On Demand offering. For example, if you set the VOD to be available from 12/1/20 until 12/4/20, during this time frame, the customer can access and view the VOD any amount of times between those two dates.

A VOD can either be an addition to the Livestream ticket, or a standalone ticket offering. A VOD can be uploaded after a Livestream has concluded.

* Video On Demand is not the same as scheduling a pre-existing recorded video to broadcast at a scheduled time. That feature is coming soon and we’ll cover that in a different guide. 

Creating a Video On Demand for a Performance

In order to create a Video On Demand, you must first have an event with a performance to assign it to. 

In the Organizer Dashboard, navigate to the Stream Studio:

Click your Event, select the Performance you want to add a Video On Demand for, then open Stream Studio.

On the left side of the screen, select “VOD” and upload the video file. 


Once your video file has been uploaded, you can use this same video file for any other events and performances you have.

Next, it’s time to create your Video On Demand. On the bottom of the Stream Studio screen, click Create a new video on demand. Select the video asset to use as the VOD, set a start and end date for availability (ex: a two-day window starting with the performance date), name the VOD, then click Submit. 

Your VOD is now ready to be added to an event ticketing offering, either as its own ticket, or in tandem with a Livestream ticket. 

Adding VOD to a Livestream Ticket

Open the Organizer Dashboard, then navigate to the event and performance to which you want to add a VOD. 

Check both the Livestream and Video On Demand boxes to offer both items on your ticket.


If you want to just offer a Video On Demand ticket, only check “Video On Demand”


If you created both of the above ticket options, this is what your Performance page would look like:


You did it! You now have a ticket or tickets with VOD. 


When a customer purchases a ticket with VOD, the video will appear in the top right corner under the section marked “Media” while it’s available. 

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