How Stellar protects your online event from piracy - better than DRM

Stellar's platform offers superior security to Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools.

DRM was designed primarily for downloaded video files and movie rentals, but not for livestream content.

Stellar's approach to content security has two layers:

  1. user authentication
  2. device authorization

All Stellar livestream viewers must first be authenticated with an email address. That email is vetted by a 3rd party security vendor to ensure it's not a fraudulent actor and also must be used for single-sign-on authentication in order to confirm a ticket/access to an event.

For the viewing of the stream itself, all livestream URLs are protected through encrypted cookies, meaning all users must make an authorized request to Stellar's servers in order to access content. This means all livestream users can be traced back on a device-level.

Finally, Stellar does not allow mobile devices that allow the user to prevent restrictions or blocking to view content. And apple airplay and google chromecast are both not supported due to their lack of support for encrypted cookies.

If you want an online event partner with security better than DRM, we'd love to chat.

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