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Getting started with online events

How to use other streaming tools with Stellar

Succeeding with Online Live Shows, presented by Stellar

Find out how you can use livestreaming to reach new audiences and grow ticket sales beyond your seating capacity.
Online events can be a cost-effective source of revenue if you invest in production, then market and price strategically.
COVID-19 knocked us all off our game. It was a shock and we’re still going through it. But remember, people pay for good shows and YOU are the ones who make those shows.
The most important thing you can do to have a successful online live event is to make a great show, and that's definitely true.
That means that 99.9 + percent of all potential fans aren’t really potential buyers. Simply because they can’t physically go to the show.
In order for an online live event to be truly captivating, there should be something about it that simply has to be live.
Some people assume that with the return of in-person events, there won't be a need for online events. After all, once normal conditions return, a stopgap won’t be needed anymore.
But there’s something else. Something that has the potential to re-align and disrupt the industry, but it’s also a big opportunity.
I call it the Wild Card.
There's an Open Door ahead of us now as an industry, and we should see it as an invitation to the future.

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